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Thank You Song – Me and Bobby McGee for Mom

My “elle learns a new song project” has turned into a fundraiser!  For donating at least $25, you get to request a song and I will learn it to play for you.  Awkwardly, on the guitar.

First request: Me and Bobby McGee a la Janis Joplin for my mama.  Thanks Mama!

Want a song of your own?  Read more about my fundraiser here.

Posted August 2nd, 2012.

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The New Song Project – Jolene

I’m very much looking forward to taking some ensemble classes down at the Folk School of St. Louis at the end of next month, and figured it probably means it’s time to start getting un-rusty on the guitar.  So, I’ve decided to learn at least one new song each week that I can share with you on the YouTubes.  Only took me an hour to figure out this one, Jolene (a Dolly Parton song that I’ve always been a little bit in love with the lyrics).

Any requests?  I’m looking especially to learn some more folksy-bluegrassy-old timey country songs, so leave your suggestions here.



Posted July 16th, 2012.