Elle Potter

mildly hilarious, exceptionally fun, and usually barefoot.

Hire Me!

I’m Flexible.

I can help you with whatever project you’re working on. ¬†With strengths in creative writing, creative thinking, creative doing and creative everything, chances are that if you need some part-time work for your business, your project or your life in general, I’d be more than happy to help.

I’m a free-lance virtual assistant for hire, meaning if you have anything that can be done from a computer no matter where I am at that moment in time, I’m happy to be of assistance.¬† And if I’m not available, I can refer you to some incredible ladies who I’m sure you would love working with.

Stuff I can do: data entry, social media optimization, video editing, creative writing, copy writing, super-basic website set-up, high-fives, providing you with something to smile about.

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